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John Cooper Paving & Sealing, Inc. has been paving the way to success for over 55 years, which has made us the area leader for four generations. We are a fully licensed and insured small family business that enjoys working together. Our Driveway girls , Penny and Denise, are experienced paving contractors, seal coating experts and meticulous about the work we do in all areas of Massachusetts. Call our experienced driveway representatives today for a free estimate. While Penny is on the road greeting customers and delivering proposals, Denise is on the scene overseeing the job with our professional installation team. John's wife, Honey, is kept quite busy managing the office. Our family mission is to provide customer satisfaction through our professional manner, work quality and personal attention to your needs. We stand proud and very confident behind our work and back it up with a one year guarantee. Our family looks forward to serving your family and providing a great paving or seal coating experience.

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Brockton Paving Company: Keeping Your Roads Safe and Smooth

Your streets are easier to travel around in, thanks to the tireless efforts of local Brockton Paving Company. You may occasionally see workers alongside the road laying down and smoothing asphalt, either to replace an old and worn-out road or to cover the cracks in an existing roadway. These efforts make your roads safe to drive on. Creating roadways with the highest standards of safety is a joint effort between civil engineers, other city employees, and your Brockton Paving Company.

Professional Brockton Paving Company don't just work on commercial or public jobs, though. If you're in need of a new driveway, walkway, or pathway, the Brockton Paving Company are the ones to call.

What Brockton Paving Company can Do for You

Experienced Brockton Paving Company specialize in creating smooth, flat surfaces from asphalt. Common driveways, paths and road surfaces are made of asphalt. Basically, asphalt is useful in any scenario where you need a smooth, strong, and flexible surface for foot traffic or vehicles. Asphalt is popular, simply because it is cheap and easy to maintain. Typical asphalt installed by professional Brockton Paving Company can last up to 20 years, depending on how well it is maintained and how hard it's used.

More than 70 million tons of asphalt is recycled each year. Asphalt efficiently retains heat, which means that snow and ice form slower and melt faster than on a comparable surface, like concrete. With skilled Brockton Paving Company, you can get a driveway that's less likely to freeze in the winter, and you can keep it looking new by re-sealing the driveway every other year. Your Brockton Paving Company can provide lifetime maintenance for your asphalt driveway.

Brockton Paving Company: Innovations and New Developments

In addition to traditional asphalt, which is a by-product of crude oil manufacturing mixed with gravel, there are a couple of innovative new types of asphalt used by the Brockton Paving Company. These pavements aim to correct some of the flaws present in standard asphalt, and make the substance easier to use. In the future, there will be many different kinds of asphalt available for the Brockton Paving Company to offer consumers.

Porous asphalt is a pavement laid over a bed of loose stone. When it rains or snows, the water is absorbed by the asphalt and filtered through the stone bed, eventually becoming ground water in the soil below. This way, areas serviced by professional Brockton Paving Company are never flooded in storms. The water stored in this way is cleaner and of a higher quality than standard rain water due to the filtration system. The use of porous asphalt also eliminates the need for dangerous (and often ineffective) roadside ditches. Your local Brockton Paving Company are proud to use a porous asphalt system that lowers the demand on storm sewer systems, loses heat rapidly without freezing, and provides the community with a quality groundwater filtration system.

Brockton Paving Company install traditional asphalt heated to a very high temperature, called “hot-mix” asphalt. Both the mix itself and the outdoor weather must be hot in order for the asphalt to "cure" properly. Warm-mix asphalt, on the other hand, can be installed by the Brockton Paving Company in much lower temperatures. Warm-mix asphalt is ideal for use on cooler days. It has better compaction, and reduces the overall cost of paving, due to a lower rate of fuel consumption.

What to Expect from the Brockton Paving Company

When you contact your local Brockton Paving Company, they will, of course, conduct a brief interview to determine exactly what your asphalt needs are. Once they have a clear idea of what you require, they can begin to work in earnest.

The Brockton Paving Company will prepare the site by putting down a loose gravel foundation. After the stones have been placed, experienced Brockton Paving Company will pour the asphalt. The Brockton Paving Company are careful to ensure you'll get the best driveway possible for your money.

Your Brockton Paving Company will most likely use a “paver”, which is a machine that levels out the surface of the driveway. The machine is similar in appearance to a steamroller, but much smaller. Once the Brockton Paving Company have finished leveling your driveway, the final step is waiting on the asphalt to cool down and "cure". It is common for this process to take anywhere from twelve to twenty-four hours. Your Brockton Paving Company will discuss this with you before the work begins.

Brockton Paving Company: Experts in the Maintenance and Upkeep of Asphalt

Although asphalt is very long-lived, it does have weaknesses. It can crack during extreme variations in temperature, develop potholes, or begin to crumble around the edges, similar to concrete. Skilled Brockton Paving Company can seal coat your drive, which generally protects against the elements for two years. Periodically, your driveway may develop crevices, which Brockton Paving Company can simply seal up.

Cracks and holes may form in your driveway due to water exposure. When water gets beneath the pavement, the top layer of pavement loses support from the water-soaked layers beneath. This is why knowledgeable Brockton Paving Company recommend seal coating and regularly checking for cracks in your driveway's surface. When an already wet driveway is subjected to extreme variations in temperature, the repeated freeze-thaw cycle creates a pocket of air beneath the surface of the driveway. Eventually, the top layer gives in, exposing the hole beneath. Potholes develop in this manner. Qualified Brockton Paving Company can help protect your drive against potholes, and you should check your drive regularly for weak spots. If your driveway has more than two or three potholes, it may need to be entirely replaced.

If you're dissatisfied with your current driveway or in the process of homebuilding, contact your local Brockton Paving Company today.

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